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The same could be said for cannabis social clubs in Spain. If the same reasoning had been used to start them up back in 1930, it would have been smashed down immediately. Besides requiring endorsement from a member, we wait a week before approving a new application in order to prevent cannabis tourism,” explains Albert Tió, Fedcac spokesman. The federation estimates there might be more than 165,000 club members altogether, of whom 60,000 are regular consumers who spend between €50 and €100 a month. Acting as a data controller, informs you that your personal information will be used for the following purposes: to address any queries sent through contact forms, email or the different chats available on our websites as well as to send newsletters to the subscribers. The legal basis of the processing is the consent given by the data subject when contacting us. Uk/news/world-latin-america-29859822. 2014) ‘Cannabis social clubs in Belgium: Structure strengths and weaknesses, and threats to the model. Is a complete different cannabis experience. You have to see the cannabis experience in Barcelona by yourself. These groups are more and more coordinated and claim an expanding and varied membership. But the support for cannabis is found well beyond pro cannabis associations and can be induced from the success of specialized journals books, and shops, which provide a crucial space where different actors on the. A Photographer’s Guide to the Cannabis Galaxy. Barcelona Orders Shutdown of 50 Cannabis Clubs. It is a non-mind-expanding substance; hence, it was excluded from the 1971 Vienna Convention on Hallucinogenic Substances. The cultivation of cannabis for the production of flowers and the sole purpose of extracting cannabinoids is subject to prior dominance of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Products (AEMPS.

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↳   Group action and Campaigning. ↳   The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory and its Forums. Cannabis Clubs in Barcelonacannabisbarcelona_yozw5m. The Best Cannabis Club Guide in Barcelona. Hotels near Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. Hotels near Urquinaona Station. Málaga) Day length August 1st. August in Spain is harvest time for mostgrowers. This will give the club staff the chance to explain more about the specific rules and offerings of their club. A lot of this information is private and not made readily available to the public. Llantwit Fardre, United Kingdom. How a spontaneous walk down an ally way lead us into this hidden gem where we stayed for 2 hours on the cava. If you’re looking for specific information, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We’ll gladly tell you more about our specialties. The regulation controls the placement of novel foods
on the European market and requires direction from the European Commission
for their legal sale. Novel food is any food that hasn’t been significantly consumed by
Europeans before May 15, 1997.  Many others have joined together with groups of friends to form a cannabis club where top quality varieties are grown and shared among members.  Recreational and medical cannabis users are finding more and more advantages to the system.

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The fourth thing is the age: in Spain it is legal to become a member of the association only if you are more than 21 years. To become a member you need to have an ID and also you have to pay an annual membership fee, usually it is from 20. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Luxury Spa Hotels in Barcelona. Backpacker Hostels in Barcelona. Hotels near Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. Hotels near Urquinaona Station. The same could be said for cannabis social clubs in Spain. If the same reasoning had been used to start them up back in 1930, it would have been smashed down immediately. Interacting with these promoters means you will probably end up wasting money, or even worse, finding yourself in a dangerous situation. There are plenty of dangerous criminals in a city as large as Barcelona. You will find all pieces of knowledge that you may want to gather about the Barcelona cannabis club culture in our articles and guides. Our team always stays in touch with the local cannabis community and coffee shops representatives of Barcelona, so we are always caught up with the current events and share them in our blog. Antonio Flores: Legal Problems. Belinda Beckett: Mistress of Sizzle. The fourth thing is the age: in Spain it is legal to become a member of the association only if you are more than 21 years. To become a member you need to have an ID and also you have to pay an annual membership fee, usually it is from 20.

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The Beginning of the Barcelona Cannabis Clubs. The beginning of the Cannabis clubs in Spain goes back to 1993when the pro-group action group, Ramon Santos de Estudios Sobre el Cannabis tested the country’s legal framework. The vibes from the atmosphere is also a big plus for this cannabis club because you can feel the high standards put into the club itself with the super quality of the decor and furniture. This coffeeshop is for anyone who likes to smoke on a higher note with style and comfortability, you can even go with friends that don’t smoke and we guarantee that they will have a great time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cocktail Bar & Restaurant Rome. The cannabis situation in Spain. Europe’s most cannabis friendly destination. Once you are a member of the club, you can ask the staff about different strands, products, and even tools around the club. Clubs are also a comfortable and a positive environment. The Cosiest Corner of Barcelona – Barcelona Centre. Carrer de Bergara, 2 – every day 8:30AM – 6:30PM – Metro Universitat. The cannabis tested was stronger than the strains we tried in Madrid. 20 Euros for membership: With a public address and a big reputation, G13 was easy to find. The hashish obtained in Madrid was found to contain dangerous levels of E. Cannabis resin sold on the streets of Madrid is impure with dangerous levels of faecal matter, a study says.

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Make your way to Espacio 88, a converted warehouse that now serves as an open art and design area. Inside the multifunctional space you won’t have to ask where to find the cafe; just look for the vintage 1972 Citroen HY. The association has to rent or buy a piece of land, a building, equipment and whatever else it takes to cultivate and distribute the marijuana. Volunteer members take care of the plants, whether it’s for private use or for other cultivators who are also association members. How can I join a Cannabis Club. Who Can join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona. You should be over 18 years old thoe. We would like to invite you to try us out and just come by to have nice high times. Since 2017, this has been one of the most popular cannabis clubs in Playa Honda. It has a lot of lounging areas to enjoy your time spent with fellow club members, and have televisions and a pool table to act as recreation.

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Growing Cannabis In Spain A Month-By-Month Guide. With its liberal cannabis laws and long, warm, and sunny summers, Spain is one of Europe’s best nations for growing weed. In addition to being a skilled cultivator and medical provider, she is an activist of long years’ experience. In 1995, after her historic court ruling, she founded the Cannabis Party for Group action and Standardization (PCLYN), Spain’s first national political party dedicated to marijuana liberation. A Brief History Of Cannabis Social Clubs In Barcelona. Just like the rest of the world, Spain has been operating under the constraints of a very long and strict prohibition on cannabis and other drugs. After all, nobody wants to get into legal trouble in a foreign country. Finally, be sure to remember that Spain’s cannabis laws are more relaxed than those of France and Gibraltar, so do not try to carry the drug across the border. Best Cheesesteaks in Barcelona. Best Chicken And Waffles in Barcelona.

The majority of clubs don’t work this way, and be careful of those who do. Quite often, the clubs are selling low quality at a premium price, or worse… just luring tourists to take advantage of them. If I am not mistaken, they also provide coffee beans to many other cafes in Barcelona. Keep in mind, there are actually two nomad coffees. The value of the global industry is set to grow to around €50 billion – is there a risk that Spanish players could miss out. Carola Pérez, president of the Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observatory cultivating at home. Best Social Clubs in Barcelona. Best chilling place in Barcelona. I’m trying to start an association in Sevilla. Please email me with any information to help me, I am a British citizen but have been in Sevilla for 2 years (No NIE.

 New members can only come to the club via a sponsorship from an existing member in good standing.  And, of course, cannabis can only be shared among the club’s members, behind closed doors. One is CATFAC, which is affiliated to the FAC and has links with organisations such as, which brings together some of the clubs with the most members on the Catalan scene. Given the lack of specific regulations governing these groups’ activities, in the midst of these two defined models we find an infinite number of proposals. Good ol’ Mary Jane products are available today in many ways such as THC or CBD oils, edibles or flower. We want to bring the latest and greatest from the Marijuana industry to you. Register and list your property here for free now. To protect your privacy, we only give out your property’s address to guests who have a confirmed booking with you. Real cannabis clubs are well known and there is plenty of information about them weed barcelona on the Internet. So, avoid anything else to be safe.